Some Background

During the last few years Integral Engineering Co. has had the good fortune to work with Beaver Builders, LLC on several interesting projects.  An example of one of these projects was a repair to the customer entrance awning at the Epic Mountain Gear store in Aurora, Colorado - see Figure 1 below.


Figure 1 - The Epic Mountain Gear Awning

Following a significant snowstorm that crossed through Colorado, many inches of wet, heavy snow fell and accumulated on the customer entrance awning resulting in the awning receiving a “twist away” from the wall.  This can be seen in Figure 2 below by the gap between the brick wall and the entrance exterior wall, along with bending of the vertical member.


Figure 2 - Damage to the door entrance cover


The Solution

Integral Engineering Co. and Beaver Builders, LLC devised a new support for the wall with Integral Engineering Co. providing structural engineering conformation for the size and installation of new supports for the exterior wall.  Beaver Builders, LLC executed the field installation and repairs to the entrance awning.  As seen in Figure 3 below, a new anchor using a steel angle and cross member angles provided new support to the wall.


Figure 3 - New wall support - Support angle on concrete beam and cross members to the wall



  • Some problems are solved with basic principles, not standards tables.
  • All construction is important for public safety.
  • Working directly, real-time with the construction contractor saves time and money for the best solution.

This is another example of a problem solved efficiently.  At Integral Engineering Co. we work with clients to find solutions.