Some background

When Lacey Goetz, PE, founded Integral Engineering Co. back in 2008 one of the first clients she had the privilege of working with was the world renowned Colorado metal sculptor Kevin Robb. Kevin Robb creates contemporary sculptures in stainless steel, bronze and aluminum.

Kevin’s eye for curves, attention to detail, and sense of balance in a piece are unmatched. Kevin Robb Studios has art installations across the globe from Sydney to Tokyo to Paris and Oslo and of course across the USA. Beyond his stunning work, Kevin himself is an inspiration. In 2004 he suffered a major stroke with lasting and debilitating effects. He has not let that slow his creativity and continues to produce incredible art work. We are honored to be able to boast that we have worked with Kevin and even more so to count Kevin and Diane Robb as friends.


Problems/Solutions installing the sculptures

Figuring out where to place lift handles and keeping the structure in balance was critical. Kevin had an eye for this and was clearly in command.


Lessons learned in ensuring art is structurally sound

The art of stabilizing art is simplifying. With compound curves, out of plane shapes, and complex geometry we learned to make assumptions, check, make more assumptions, re-check, and do it again.

The Kevin Robb Studios sculptures that Integral Engineering Co. worked with are shown and listed below:

Sculpture 1: “Dancing in the Sun”
Location: Gateway at Torrey Hills, San Diego, CA
Of note: This 30 ft stainless steel sculpture is the largest project by Kevin Robb Studios.

Dancing In The Sun hi res

Sculpture 2: “When Dancers Meet”
Location: The McCarran Center in Las Vegas, NV


Sculpture 3: “Flying High”
Location: Patriots Park in Colorado Springs, CO

Kevin Robb Studios "Flying High," Colorado Springs, CO

Sculpture 4: “Joyfully Dancing”
Location: A 10 ft colored sculpture in a roundabout in Lakewood, CO

Kevin Robb Studios "Joyfully Dancing," Lakewood, CO
Kevin Robb Studios "Joyfully Dancing" Lakewood, CO

For more information about Kevin Robb Studios please visit their website here

Kevin Robb

Images used with permission of Kevin Robb Studios