A reliable, trusted, M/WBE subconsultant can be an extension of your firm; augmenting what you already do or extending your portfolio of services provided. Not only will your firm depend on the portion of work the M/WBE firm is to do, their work will reflect on your company. And while diversity enhances creativity, encourages the search for novel perspectives, and improves problem solving, simply being a M/WBE does not guarantee the potential partner brings the breakthrough mindset necessary to help you create truly transformative designs, places, and experiences.

Therefore, you need to be confident that a partner can deliver what they are promising before you enter into any kind of relationship. Looking for businesses with an established track record and always asking to see evidence of results. To help with this process Integral Engineering Co. has prepared the white paper "M/WBE Partners & Your Bottom Line" to assist you in keeping specific considerations in mind while looking for an M/WBE partner so that your subconsultant relationship is a positive one — not only for the short-term outcome of the current project but also for a long-term, ongoing relationship for future projects.

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