At Integral Engineering Co. we recently reflected on a past project where we served as the Structural Engineer of Record for the barrel vault (superstructure) train stations along the 14-mile Orange Line connecting the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to Irving, Texas. Catenary loads from the power assembly for the light rail trains, unusual erection loads, and point loads from display monitors were incorporated in the design.


The Structures

The barrel vault stations are unique open, curving structures that were structurally modeled in three dimensions. Integral Engineering Co. worked closely with the fabricator and erector to ensure seamless manufacturing and onsite assembly.


Lessons Learned

The DART light rail project was Integral Engineering Co.'s first major endeavor. We learned how to be a "cog" in a large project with multiple team members and stakeholders.

Meeting insurance requirements, following project specific protocols for drafting and delivery, designing to particular criteria were all lessons that we learned on this project. Ultimately, the managing team of Keiwit, Stacey and Witbeck Inc., Parson, and Reyes, found our quick response time and problem solving skills useful and we were pulled in to fix structural issues on areas of the project where we previously had no scope. All-in-all, the DART Orange line was a resounding success for Integral Engineering Co. and it was a valuable and indispensable experience.

Making a Difference

At Integral Engineering Co. we love working on public sector projects aimed at improving the lives of the general public, and more specifically, lower income, less advantaged populations. Having the opportunity to work on projects such as this is wonderful because it helps all people in our community that rely daily on public transportation to get to work, appointments and medical care successfully, safely and easily.


Our goal at Integral Engineering Co. is to do more than simply update existing buildings and infrastructure; we want to contribute to cost-effective urban development that helps communities flourish under new economic and demographic conditions.