When our President, Lacey Goetz, PE founded Integral Engineering Co. in 2008, she envisioned a firm with a variety of voices. Lacey laid the groundwork for our diverse, family-first culture and a business model where employees work from where they want and lead well-rounded lives. Why? Lacey: I wanted to start a structural engineering firm where everyone is recognized for their skills and accomplishments and where my employees have the ability to live their best professional and personal life, all the while providing high quality service to our clients.”


Why engineering?

Problem solving. I love solving problems. Also, what is the most important part of the building? The structure, of course! Inhabitants can go without heat, electricity, water, internet, etc. but without a solid structure, they do not have shelter.

How is Lacey committed?
My commitment to Integral Engineering Co.’s clients is demonstrated through clear communication, technical competence, timely responses and the high quality of work we strive to carry out and achieve in every job we are involved in at Integral Engineering Co. Integral Engineering Co.’s staff and I aim to provide clear and concise construction documents which in turn minimizes work slowdowns, stoppages and RFI’s.

In a nutshell what we do and how we do it at Integral Engineering Co.
“What do we do?”  We do structural engineering providing safe places to live, work and love.
“How do we do it?”  We do this through integrity, determination, hard work, teamwork, and by actively listening to our clients.  We believe that maximized safety, minimized change orders, simplified construction, and meeting deadlines are paramount for all projects.

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7 fun facts about Lacey:

  1. She is super proud of her two sons
  2. Enjoys the outdoors and prefers to camp in a tent
  3. She loves to laugh
  4. Is besotted with her dog - a mini Australian Shepherd called "Fitz"
  5. Lacey likes to kayak
  6. She’s a Colorado native
  7. Lacey drives a Tesla fondly named “Stella”
Laceys beloved dog Fitz

What is Lacey’s favorite engineering software?
Revit. Being able to see buildings in 3D, rocks!

Lacey’s favorite book?
“A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles

What motivated Lacey to start Integral Engineering Co.?
The desire for control!

Lacey’s most fun job?
Working as a showgirl for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Simple piece of life advice from Lacey?
I like to make the most important decisions of my life by pretending I am 80 years old looking back over my life.

How Lacey has made Integral Engineering Co. unique:
I’ve tried to make Integral Engineering Co. unique in that we always attempt to consider how bolts will be turned, where a crane can and cannot fit, how the crew will lift a heavy structural member in a tight space. By doing this we have done some of the thinking for the contractor so the path is clearer and more straightforward and decreases the potential for delays. Also our goal is to do more than simply update existing buildings and infrastructure; we want to contribute to cost-effective urban development that helps communities flourish under new economic and demographic conditions.


Lacey: “When I started Integral Engineering Co., I set out to create a dynamic where talent is valued as a whole. A workplace where my team is able to enjoy a lifestyle of their choice while positively contributing quality, timely work. This is Integral Engineering Co.”

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